Syltrade Engineering Service Dept. approved hardhat which is must be worn at all times while you are on the project.

Syltrade Engineering Service Dept. approved footwear with toe and sole protection which is must be worn at all times while you are on the project.

Appropriate work clothing must be worn when handling and using tools and materials, which may cause injuries to your skin.

Face shields goggles or glasses must be worn by workers and must be of a design to afford suitable eye and face protection.

For your protection on the job do not wear
Loose clothing or cuffs.
Greasy or oily clothing, Gloves or Boots.
Torn or ragged clothing.
Finger rings, Bracelets or Neck chains.

This document sets out  the safety management strategy to be adopted by  Syltrade Engineering Service during the course of  Scaffold, Construction works & General order supply to the Chevron JB, MB, BY project Bangladesh under the Chevron  Bangladesh Ltd.

The document is not designed to replace the schedule of health, environments & safety requirements as stated in the conditions of subcontract, but will be used to provide verification of the action of Syltrade Engineering Services In relation to these requirements.

No Safety tool box meeting, no work.
When you able to do work on project, you must worn PPE.
No fight, shout & horseplay in work site.
Alcohol sale, Carry and Drinking fully prohibited.
Not allowed when materials lifting St work at height.
Not accepted chain of command violations.
Not accepted illegal relationships.
You must accompany when you able to work Location (C-card, T-card, ID card, construction-entry card Etc.)

Provide a safe and healthy workplace.
Establish and maintain a health and safety program.
Ensure that scaffolder & helpers are properly trained.
Report all types of accident and incident to authorities as required by rules.
Provide medical & First Aid facility.
Demonstrate commitment to prevent the accident.
Provide secure accommodation.

Instruct personnel in proper work practices and update instruction as needed.
Make sure that the program is carried out at the work level.
Ensure that protective equipment required by rules and by the program is used and maintained properly by workers and that workers understand the reasons for its use.
Investigation and report all accidents and take corrective action if needed.
Proper supervision & report DAFW C, apply BBS policy for all.

Inspection the workplace.
Identify the situation that may be a source of danger.
Make PPE recommendation to the employer.
Assist the incident
Advice all employees on health and safety matter.
Provide the health and safety training.
BBS policy apply
DAFW days away from work policy apply

Provision of primary health care at site to all personnel.
Provision of emergency treatment and patient stabilization.
Liaise with site In charge, medical requirements & medical procedure.
Establish and maintain stock register of drugs, medicines and equipments.
Establish minimum stock requirements and submit requisition to FM on site as required.
Maintain individual employee health / hygienic record.
Maintain First Aid book on site and record every visit.
Maintain First Aid register and monthly report.
First Aid training record.

Report every unsafe situation.
Report any injury or illness immediately.
Work in such a manner that will not endanger anybody.
Work accordance with the safety program.
Help the new worker for maintaining safety law.
Follow & apply BBS (Behavior Base Safety).

Waste materials and debris must be removed from workplace and access areas on a regular basis or at least once a day.

Waste material and debris must be thrown from one level to another but must be carried down, lowered in containers or deposited in a disposal chute.

Materials must be piled, stacked or otherwise stored to prevent tipping and collapsing.

Materials to be lifted by crane or other hoisting devices.  Must not be stared under overhead power lines.

It is the employer’s responsibility to supply and maintain shop tools and other power equipment in good repair.

It is the worker’s responsibility to use such tools properly and report to the supervisor if found any defects.

Employees must not engage in any prank, contest, feat of strength, unnecessary running or rough and boisterous conduct.